Minecraft as an Engineering Tool

minecraft canadian flagI try to make my kids spend more time reading or playing outside by they can't seem to stop playing this game called "Minecraft". Apparently I'm not the only parent who's got this problem, but hey, according to a bunch of studies this game is a valuable educational tool. I mean, look at this nicely made Canadian flag! If your kids pester you to buy the game, tell them that they can try Minecraft free before buying it. Read more!!

Message from the Chairs

The Edmonton Local Organizing Committee has selected Leadership in Sustainable Infrastructure as the theme for the 2012 conference. Now is an important time for CSCE members to focus on this topic. After all, it is the theme of Vision 2020, CSCE’s strategic plan. Read More!!

Sponsors and Exhibits

The CSCE Annual Conference and General Meeting provides an ideal venue for leading organizations to showcase their expertise, services and products products by purchasing and exhibitor booth or sponsoring the conference through one of our many sponsorship. Read More!!

News Updates

Important Update: CSCE 2012 Preliminary Program
Dates for Abstracts, Papers & Presentation Submission