My Man Bohr


Niels Bohr (1885-1962), a Danish physicist, is noted for his work with radiation and atomic theory. In 1922 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics, and in 1957 he received the first Atoms for Peace Award of the Ford Foundation.

Bohr was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. After graduation from the University of Copenhagen, he went to England in 1911. At Ernest Rutherford’s laboratory in Manchester he began developing his theory of atomic structure.

Using Rutherford’s model of the atom of hydrogen, the simplest element, Bohr helped to confirm the picture of the atom as consisting of a massive, positively charged nucleus orbited by negatively charged electrons. Bohr’s theory was that the electrons traveled in orbits that could only be of certain sizes. Bohr suggested that, when an electron moved from one orbit to another closer to the nucleus, it gave off energy in the form of light rays. The energy was given off in little “packets called quanta, and Bohr concluded that the sizes of electron orbits were governed by quantum numbers. In 1938 scientists discovered fission and opened the way to the release of nuclear energy. Bohr then proposed a theory to explain this process.

The quantum theory was new when Bohr began his work. It is now an important part of physics. Bohr showed that the quantum theory did not conflict with older theories as much as many scientists first believed.

Bohr was forced to leave Denmark during World War II. After spending some time in Sweden and England, he was made an adviser at the atomic laboratory at Los Alamos, New Mexico. In 1945, after the first atomic bomb had been dropped, he argued in Washington, DC, for international control of atomic weapons. He returned to Denmark the same year and became chairman of the Danish atomic energy commission. Later, he again became director of the Institute for Theoretical Physics.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being an outdoorsman (or woman) is the variety of experiences. Life is never static. The bad weather in fall and winter finds us out in the field hunting our favorite wild game. Spring and summer bring good weather and a variety of outdoor opportunities for everyone.

Usually our outdoor hunting experiences reward us for our efforts. Sometimes the reward is just being in the outdoors – enjoying the sunrise, watching the marsh come to life, and bonding with those with us (whether a hunting buddy or a favorite retriever). Sometimes the reward is the physical activity. More often than not we receive another reward: we might actually bag a few of the game species we are hunting. Then, a whole new experience will unfold: cooking and eating our game together with hunting buddies, friends, and family.

Wild game can be prepared and enjoyed any time. In the year following the hunting season, many families enjoy the rewards of the fall as part of the weekly dinner menu. Wild game feeds are common–hunters get together, enjoy the feast, and brag about the great experience they had in the field.

I hunt and fish all year. In the fall and winter, my passion is waterfowl hunting, though I also like to hunt doves and pheasants. In the spring and summer, my favorite activity is black bass fishing. Having a second home at Clear Lake affords me the opportunity to fish at one of the best bass fishing lakes in the nation. I also go after striped bass, trout, salmon, steelhead, shad, crappie and bluegill.

The end result of my outdoor endeavors is a full freezer and a lot of memories. I share my wild game, mainly ducks, with friends that love eating it but do not have the opportunity to hunt.

We are very fortunate to live in a state where outdoor opportunities are plentiful. The outdoors allows us to engage in a healthier life–exercise and a bounty of nutritious food. Most fish and game is very lean, not much fat and lots of protein… certainly healthier than a McDonald’s burger and fries.

We are also fortunate to have California Waterfowl Association (CWA) representing outdoors men and women in its quest to preserve, protect, and enhance our waterfowl resources, wetlands, and associated outdoor heritage.

oddworld new n tasty screenshot

Oddworld – New and Tasty is a game from Just Add Water Developers that is proving to be a runaway hit on the PlayStation 4. It was just released and combines a brilliant balance of RPG, puzzle and adventure challenges to help keep it interesting. The game is relatively simple in story design – it’s an odd world and you have to try and discover what there is to eat that will keep you going as you solve your challenges, or you just might get eaten yourself. It was designed specifically for the PS4 system so it takes great advantage of the controller design, graphics accelerator options and features great audio. It is proving to be popular with all age groups.

Why Bring it to the PlayStation 4?

The Playstation 4 is amped enough to handle some of the fastest and most complex action, adventure, driving and shooting game – but that is only a part of the gaming world. At its core is the role playing adventure games. Some of them have over the top 3D graphics and strive to convince you that you are in another world; others like Odd World are focused on making sure you can build an image of the world in your mind so you can solve the challenges and adventures you set out on.

What’s it Like?

There isn’t much that hasn’t been seen before with Oddworld – New and Tasty in regards to its graphics and game play. What is new is the intricacy of it’s under game design and the complexity of its challenges. It can be a fun and easy game to play that you can jump in and out of for some fights and odd adventures, or you can set out with a team to try and explore and complete dangerous challenges. That is the best thing about Oddworld – its multi levels of play. This is also what makes it so successful with such a wide age range. It can suit a 12 year old just as well as it can challenge a 34 year old. Neither one of them will get bored quickly.

If you really want to get the most out of PS4 then you need to rethink the styles of games that you play. Everyone has their preferences for the types of games they like to play, but you would be surprised at how your preferences is influenced by the strength of the system you have been playing on.

When you get to PS4, it may be time to revisit game genres that you have decided were “uninteresting.” Chances are what made you dismiss them in the first place was trying to play them on a lower end gaming console. With the power and upgrades available on the Playstation 4, even your most familiar game is going to look and plays like something entirely new. It is worth it to do some trial plays of other games to see how different they can be.

minecraft swamp

In a previous article, we showed you how to play Minecraft online for free on websites like Minecraft For Free X. Now we will discuss what the game is all about. Created by Markus Persson, a famous Swedish programmer, the game Minecraft is a sandbox indie game which later was published and developed by Mojang. The game was publically released in 2009 for PC. Initially it was released as an alpha version and then later with gradual updates was released as full release version in the year 2011. In the same year the game released its android and iOS version. The game became so famous that it was also released in Xbox as well as PlayStation.

The game provides opportunity for players to build and construct by using textured cubes to form a 3D generated world. Other than that one can gather resources, craft, and combat and explore the Minecraft world. The gameplay of this game has four principal modes namely, the Survival mode, in which the player is required to gather resource and manage their hunger and health. Then there is the Creative mode where the player do not have to take care of his/her health and has unlimited resources and experience. The best part of this mode is that players also have the ability to fly. Hard core mode is the survival mode which mostly differs only with regards to difficulty. Upon death the players have to delete their world in this mode. Last mode is the Spectator mode, where the players are allowed to just view the world and not interact with them. This mode is available only in some versions.

For this spectacular game they received five awards in the Game Developers conference in 2011. The game was awarded with the best Downloadable Game award, Best Debut Game Award, Audience Award, Seumas McNally Grand Prize as well as the Innovation Award. A year later the game was awarded with the Golden Joystick Award. As of last month the game is considered to have sold over 12 million copies on Xbox, 14 million copies for windows PC and 55 million copies on all other platforms.

This games success has brought up Markus’s own company; Mojang AB now has two titles in development. Social media site like Facebook and YouTube played an important role in popularizing Minecraft. According to studies more than one third of the players got to learn about the game from internet videos, especially the Let’s Play ones. Other famous games like Runescape and Borderlands 2 referenced the game. A Lego set game based on Minecraft was also released in 2012 named as Lego Minecraft. The developers claim that there is a lot to come!

Today a new Minecraft fan site is allowing visitors to play the game for free from their browser without having to download anything. All that you need to have is a compatible browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

Advantages of Online Play

minecraft servers to play online

Many of these sites have sets of terms and conditions that you need to understand and abide to, but it’s nothing terrifying or legally binding. In fact, there are several advantages of playing online than downloading a version of the game to your personal computer.  For example, when you play online through your browser, it is less likely that the software can act as a spying agent such as trojans or worms. You do not have to waste your precious time downloading and installing the application since the game loads itself onto your browser via Java (not to be mistaken with JavaScript).

On the other hand, if you download an unverified.exe onto your computer, you risk installing rogue software that may steal important information like passwords and personal information. Therefore, the site from which you download the executable is very important as the web is flooded with illegal sites that can spread virus. A game of Minecraft online does not really occupy space in your system since it’s a very lightweight Java application that stores itself in the application data folder. If you are not happy with a game then you do not have to visit the site again. While in case of a downloaded version, the executable occupies a part of your disk space. Also, uninstalling games usually leaves behind several files that tend to remain in your system though the installation is no longer present.

By playing in the website directly, you are playing the actual game, served from Mojang’s cloud servers. It is not necessary to register an account to log into the game. However, you must have Java installed and unblocked on your browser. Most sites state that the game is for educational and demonstrational purposes and do not contain any harmful Trojans, and I believe that. Another thing is that websites like this do not require you to pay any charges for playing and are absolutely free of charge. Advertising revenue is how the site sustains itself, without costing you a dime.

What is Minecraft all About?

minecraft raining at night

People who are addicted to the game have often commented that it is sort of a combination between an adventure and building game. The game requires the players to do a lot of mining to get resources. These resources can be used to craft a variety of items that are required to advance through the game. Minecraft features three different modes, the most popular and interesting ones being Survival and Creative mode. These two modes can be played by single and multi-players. Hardcore mode is the third mode and is pretty much the same as Survival without the respawn upon death.

The first step in playing the game is to create a new world. Next, select the game mode and level of difficulty. This step is usually required only in the survival mode and is not considered in the Creative mode. However, one of the drawbacks in this game is that it does not come with a tutorial or help for the first time players. Though this concern was raised by many players, others felt that the game does not take much time to start off even for the first time players. However, in the Xbox 360 version and other platforms, there is an in-game tutorial that helps guide players. The survival mode is a combination of adventure, exploration and creativity. The basic aim in this mode is to survive for a long period of time against hunger and monsters. The creative mode allows you to create your own world and build anything in it. In this mode, players have the complete freedom to create anything; they can fly around and there are no enemies that can cause harm (except falling through The Void).