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It’s funny the things people assume. We have a clearly stated 7 day return policy, 30 days if it’s unopened. As always, people think the rules don’t apply to them. They bring me back two plus week old stuff, opened, used – not looking new at all – and want their money back. Hah.

Well, as you all know I just love working Saturdays. Usually it’s the busiest day of the week and brings out all the jerks. When we opened this morning it was just myself and one of the part-timers there. It was actually something of a quiet moment until the white trash came to town.

Enter a fairly beefy man complete with tank top, dirty grey shorts and a baseball cap. He brought a 360 up to the counter, thrusting his receipt at me. I asked him what the problem was and he informed me that he’d decided he didn’t want it anymore. I looked at the receipt and saw he had bought it almost three months ago. I kid you not. It took me a minute to process the fact that he thought we’d actually return something three months later just because he didn’t want it anymore.

I mean seriously, what the hell goes through your mind? Maybe Wal-Mart would do that, but we certainly don’t. I’m sorry, we don’t rent systems. If you buy something and keep it for a quarter of a year – it belongs to you and there’s no way in hell we’re taking it back. So I explain to him – nicely of course – that unfortunately since it’s been almost three months, we’re unable to return the system. The best we could do would be exchange it for another one if there was an issue with it, but even that would need special permission.

Of course he didn’t like that answer at all. He told me “the guy” had assured him that we had a 90 day return policy. I asked which guy and he said the one who sold it to him with the long hair. Now here’s some things to note. First of all, we currently do not have any long haired guys working in our store and haven’t in the last three months. Secondly it gives the name and number of the employee who made the sale on the receipt – I was staring at my own name on the receipt. There is no way I’d ever be mistaken for a guy at all, period.

I smile and tell him that I was the one who sold it to him and showed him my name on the receipt. He insisted that I wasn’t even in the store at the time and that it was “him” (he pointed at the part-timer with me at that time) and “that other guy that sold it to me”. I glanced at the part-timer and his eyes went big, no recognition in his face at all and he took a couple steps back from the counter. Of course this guy is completely full of shit and no one at any point ever told him what he claims and no one else but me could have sold him that system. Every single time we ring up a sale we are required to log in with a password that no one but us knows. Even if someone has seen my password, I checked back on the schedule after he left and I was the only person working at the time of the transaction.

He starts yelling at me that this is bad business and he’s going to take me to court and he’s going to call sony and who is the owner of the company. He’s getting redder and redder the more he goes on, flailing his arms about and actually working up a sweat while telling me off. I continue to smile at him during the tirade – honestly I was hoping I was keeping up the facade of a smile as it was all I could do to keep from laughing. While he was going on the part-timer had escaped to the backroom (we were still the only people in the store) and I didn’t blame him one bit.

He finished his diatribe by slapping a meaty fist on the counter and spitting out something about the better business bureau. I can’t remember exactly what he said because at this point I was thinking about how I’d blog about him. Anyway I simply smiled again and told him that unfortunately I couldn’t help him because I didn’t have the authorization to process the return. He said he’d be back to talk to my boss (insert eyerolling here) and I told him he was more than welcome to do that.

Of course I called my manager right after and he’s fully aware of the situation, so if this guy does come back and talk to him – he’ll still get nothing. Really though, we’re not some video game and system rental place. You can’t just give us money, keep things for a few months and then expect us to take them back and return your money. Hell even rental places keep what you pay and only let you keep the systems for a week or so. It just blows me away what people think they’re entitled to.

Rather than bore you with several pages of what I did in Las Vegas during the EQ Fan Faire, I’m going to only spend a paragraph or two. Everyone knows me as Blackguard from or simply Ryan Shwayder (though, I’ll admit, very few actually know my real name). Sony Online Entertainment invited me out to the 2004 Las Vegas Fan Faire because I founded and run, a.k.a. the world’s greatest and least egotistical EverQuest 2 fansite (along with my buddies OnyxRaven, anyuzer, and Hannar of course). The following ramblings are my experiences at the EverQuest Fan Faire, along with a preview of EverQuest 2 based on several hours of hands-on fun.

The trip there got off to a rough start – I got two flat tires about a mile out from the airport parking place and had to walk the rest of the way with luggage and OnyxRaven at my side. We arrived in Las Vegas on time and went to the hotel, where we planned to check in and wait for anyuzer to show up. Then, we got the fateful call: anyuzer got stopped by immigration. Ian “anyuzer” Reid is from Vancouver (that’s in Canada), and was apparently kept from entering the United States because he is considered press and did not have a journalistic visa. Obviously, this was quite discouraging. I really looked forward to hanging out with our little Canadian. After mourning the absence of anyuzer for a few seconds, we went to start the celebration!

We met Moorgard, John Blakely, Andy Sites, Chris Cao, John Smedley, and a few other developers early on and had a good time. Andy Sites took the opportunity to show us EverQuest 2 for an hour or so, which got us all excited and ready to play on Saturday. We also got to see the EQII install discs (and failed at stealing them). The next day brought us to an EverQuest 2 panel discussion, where they covered all the basics that most of us already know about the game (although there was a large projector with EQII on it… yay). We learned that the Gnome in the introduction sequence is played by their very own Scott Hartmann. The poor guy gets made fun of constantly for being the voice of a Gnome, probably because he’s a lot shorter than most of the team (I think the average height of the EverQuest 2 team is somewhere around 6’3”).

That afternoon we saw the EverQuest NGE (New Graphics Engine or Next Generation Engine… I think). It looks great. They’re really putting a lot of effort into keeping EverQuest alive for all of the rabid fanbois. We saw that in the PR Suite, where I had my first four beers. We proceeded to go to Quark’s Bar & Restaurant to eat and drink with some developers and other media. I had 2 big beers and a margarita here. From the restaurant, we walked over to The Beach, a nice club across the street from the Hilton. We spent most of our time there in the VIP area drinking more than I’d like to remember (or could remember for that matter). Sloshed, we went to the hotel to get a few hours of shut-eye before our EverQuest 2 hands-on experience.

Ah, waking up 15 minutes before the EQII hands-on with a wonderful hangover. We got down to the Fan Faire area and took our seats in the roped off EverQuest 2 demo section. After a small fire started from something to do with the power, they delayed the hands-on for about 15 minutes… then they deemed it time for a 30 minute lunch break to fix all the problems and to make sure we didn’t spontaneously combust. After the hands-on got truly under way, I started having fun.

Being the highly predictable person that I am, I made a Human named Blackguard. He was tall, square jawed, bald and had a big goatee (also completely standard for me). I like to think he looked somewhat like a pirate. I journeyed on a boat (YARR!!!) toward the Isle of Refuge, where I would meet up with my fellow players. After some close encounters including a dragon, a goblin, and a pair of rats, I stepped foot on the Isle that was to be my home for the next few hours. I talked to some guy on a beach and became a Scout, embarking on my path toward Swashbuckling and swarthiness. This is where the fun began. I was instantly provided with a quest to seek out a Ratonga in the main area of town. Ignoring the request, I tested my combat skills against several crabs and even a shark, and then proceeded to sun tan for a few minutes.

I decided it was time to seek out this Ratonga and find out what he wanted me to do. After calling him Master Splinter, he told me to kill some goblins outside of town. I did so with more vengeance than I should have (I probably killed about 40 of them before going back… I think I had to kill 3). Scouts are given the ability to Sneak, Hide, Backstab (or Sneak Attack), and do some special Pathfinder of the something ability (bad memory, whatever) that makes you attack really fast. The Sneak Attacks really inflicted some good damage, and I easily dispensed of the newbie goblins outside of town. My next quest was very pleasing. I had to Sneak through a goblin camp and scout out the area. This may seem simplistic, but I didn’t have to grab an item or anything – As soon as I had scouted out enough of the camp, my Quest Journal was updated and I went back to talk to “Master Splinter”.

Speaking of the Quest Journal, I really like it. It shows a list of Quests that you have accepted as well as the steps you have already taken and even what the NPC said to you. In the top right corner of the screen it briefly describes what you are supposed to do for your active quest (which you can choose). Rather than continue on the Isle’s quest progression, I decided to harvest money and gain experience so I could buy some l33t armor and weapons. Shortly after I hit level 7, Chris Cao (Lead Content Designer) decided that I would be able to help him kill the big baddie of the island (an Orc). I dispensed of a couple tough goblins for him, then informed him that I wasn’t on the quest, did a quick /rude, and swam back to get more loot.

Eventually, I headed off to Qeynos to see the sites. Oh, and sites to be seen are there (confused?). I bought myself a suit of armor that didn’t actually have any stats, but it was really sexy looking and silver. I then headed out to some bog outside of Qeynos and grouped up with several people. We killed a lot of critters and actually formed a raid party because there were so many of us in one place. We braved the depths of a dungeon, where most of us got pretty owned by skeletons (which, I was happy to find out, still laugh at you when they beat you down). I got to see magic, brute strength, and best of all, my quick dagger desolate some of our enemies. I believe I did more damage than pretty much anyone else because I was a higher level than most of them (and Scouts are meant to do damage. If something turned on me, though, I got cut down fast).

We got to see the Heroic Opportunity wheel (well, currently it is a wheel). Basically, someone from one of the four archetypes has to perform a specific type of skill/spell/ability in sequence to create a cool effect. For example: I saw one that required 3 different actions to be performed in the same combat sequence. A Fighter had to taunt, a Mage had to cast a certain spell, and I had to use my Dirty Tricks skill. After we all had performed those actions (in order), it did a group heal on us! It’s a pretty nifty little system. Currently, the skills show up in a wheel format and the action you need to perform blinks (the icon blinks). Apparently, Scouts get to mess with the wheel. I’m not exactly sure what they get to do, but I think you can shift the skills needed around or outright change them.

Anyway, we went down to Blackburrow, which happens to be way too hard for our level 6-7 group. We got annihilated many times over and got to see what happens when you die a lot. Basically, you equipment takes some quality damage and you lose spirit. If your equipment gets down to 0 quality, it becomes unwearable until repaired (Fighters get the ability to repair in the field, by the way). As you lose Spirit, you become a little less effective and gain experience a little slower. You must recover your corpse (or Spirit Shard) to gain Spirit back or wait for it to recover naturally (I think it takes something like 3 levels to get back to full naturally, so getting your corpse is a good idea). You don’t lose any items on death, which makes it so corpse runs in difficult areas aren’t absolutely necessary. As it stands now, you can either be resurrected at your place of death, or you can release and respawn at specific checkpoints in the zone (you can’t respawn at a checkpoint until you have reached it [you can’t literally see checkpoints]).

Our journey concluded in West Commons (or one of the Commons), where we got repeatedly punted off the top of a plateau by a big rock golem. Luckily, there was water on all four sides so we didn’t splat on the ground and die. I ended my day by creating a train of rhinos, elephants, emu things (can’t remember the name), and whatever else I was able to aggro. I did notice a few debug messages showing that the mobs should have stopped giving chase and gone back home, but they kept following me so I could seek out a noob to train. I found the noob, though it happened to be myself. I went down in a glorious death and logged out of EverQuest 2 until I play next, which will likely be at E3.

The overall impression I got of EQII was very good. I’m much more excited about the game now than I was going into Fan Faire, and it’s not just because they got me drunk and paid for me to hang out in Las Vegas. The game is faster paced combat-wise than EverQuest. Combat is more interesting, class progression is nice, the quest system rocks. There’s not a whole lot about the game I don’t like. The user interface I used at the Fan Faire was a letterbox style. It was okay, but if I had known F10 would let me go full screen I would have been playing that way the whole time. The feel of the game is great. The graphics and sound work nicely together. Even the voice-overs really pulled me into the game. I expect EverQuest 2 to do extremely well when it comes out, despite what all the WoW fanatics like to claim.

Before ending my Fan Faire escapade article, I may as well tell you what else we did. Saturday night, we went to the grand banquet thing. Lots of food and stuff. We sat with mostly PR and CS people. We acquired two cheerleaders: the beautiful Ari and KT. They are SOE PR babes who are, rather unfortunately, already married. Anyway, we finished eating and watched the costume contest, where the same person from the last Fan Faire won with the same outfit. Her costume/performance wasn’t nearly as good as the Priest of Discord and A_Newb_01, but apparently people like her. There was also a naked guy, but I won’t get into that. Later that night (sometime after midnight), we headed down to the PR suite and grabbed a few more drinks. We also got to check out EQII one last time before heading down to The Nightclub. We went there with the likes of Moorgard, Andy Sites, Ari, and KT, and ended up hooking up with Bill Trost and a few others once inside. I showed them my best dance moves while sipping (chugging) at some Long Beaches. Luckily, the SOE folks have a good sense of humor and were able to endure my shenanigans.

The final day started with a buffet and ended with us in a Mexican restaurant with Andy Sites and Steve Danuser (see, I knew if I used his real name nobody would know that he is Moorgard!). We joked around for a few hours then headed off to the airport. Nothing eventful went on there beyond our flight getting delayed for 45 minutes and the gate changing to the one next to us. Now, I’m back in Colorado. Fare thee well Las Vegas 2004 EverQuest Fan Faire. We shall meet again SOE dev team, deathstryker, Jonric, Sylvene, beautiful PR girls, that guy from GameInformer, Mysticlaw (or k, whatever), Nanyea, and whoever else I never mentioned. It was a great time, and I look forward to doing it again! Thanks go out to SOE for hooking us up and the EverQuest 2 community for making this site such a success. You guys rock!


I’d like to go over one of the most bugged on question of all regarding the single player campaign of the game – Why do you get, after finishing the campaign, that you have only completed 25 of the 26 missions available in story mode ?

The answer is rather simple as the mission missing is actually a secret mission. I will try to reveal as little from the plot as possible but be warned that the following part might contain some spoilers, so in case you don’t want to know what this is about, read no further.

While playing the single player campaign, once you finished roughly 75% of the game you will have a mission called Media Blitz. In this mission you will have access to the almost hero unit, the one called Odin (it really is just a pumped up Thor from the multiplayer), controlled by Tychus. While this mission is active and before you do complete the campaign or before you go to Char, while in the mission you need to follow a path from your base, close to the Dominion base on the bottom right, and turn right just before reaching the first communication tower.

You will then find a weird looking building with the name of “Korhal Citizens”. By the way, you don’t need to use Odin to destroy this, any unit can destroy it, but be careful because you will need to use the attack command on it, as simply right clicking it won’t do the job. By destroying it you will see that once the rubble clears a special glowing item will appear named “Secret Documents”. By picking this up you will unlock a special hero type mission which is very similar to the ones you would have in Warcraft III.

The secret mission is massive amounts of fun and will give you the 26 out of 26 when ending the campaign. As a small info this will give you the Jim Raynor icon, actually just completing the single player will do that, but in order to receive 3 more icons for your 2.0 profile you will have to complete 29 missions. This is actually achieved by playing both parts in the “choice” missions. For example when you have to chose between Nova and Tosh and so on.

Either way, you now know how to get that one done as well. Until then, enjoy the campaign and remember that by finishing it in one go on Brutal you will unlock Hard and Very Hard icons as well.

scary maze game

A few years back, an internet phenomenon known as the Scary Maze Game was one of the most popular pranks out there. Although the game is extremely simple, the shock value of the game makes it a very fun way to scare your friends. At the end of the final maze, a scary ghost-like face will appear, causing immense fright upon the unsuspecting player.

Visit to play the best Scary Maze games. It has numbers 1 through 6, including a bunch of other maze games and more.

The Original Scary Maze Game

When you first play the game, you will start in a simple maze. The objective is to reach the end without touching the walls. Successfully do this for each level and you will “win” the game, and by winning, I mean getting the crap scared out of you. Every time you touch the wall, the level will restart and you’ll be placed back at the beginning. Just move your cursor through the maze to reach the end.


The game went viral on social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and especially YouTube. One video on YouTube in particular gained a ton of views that showed kids literally jumping out of their seats upon defeating the final maze. The prank meme spawned from this video, and soon many videos were made. The prank worked on all ages, and it was really funny to see other kids’ parents hearts jump out of their chests as well.

Other Scary Maze Games

Anything that’s extremely popular will likely cause copycats to follow in its footsteps. The original creator’s work was made into subsequent games, including Scary Maze Game 2, Scary Maze Game 3, and so on. Apparently there’s even a Scary Maze Game 10, although it’s nothing like the original.


My Man Bohr


Niels Bohr (1885-1962), a Danish physicist, is noted for his work with radiation and atomic theory. In 1922 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics, and in 1957 he received the first Atoms for Peace Award of the Ford Foundation.

Bohr was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. After graduation from the University of Copenhagen, he went to England in 1911. At Ernest Rutherford’s laboratory in Manchester he began developing his theory of atomic structure.

Using Rutherford’s model of the atom of hydrogen, the simplest element, Bohr helped to confirm the picture of the atom as consisting of a massive, positively charged nucleus orbited by negatively charged electrons. Bohr’s theory was that the electrons traveled in orbits that could only be of certain sizes. Bohr suggested that, when an electron moved from one orbit to another closer to the nucleus, it gave off energy in the form of light rays. The energy was given off in little “packets called quanta, and Bohr concluded that the sizes of electron orbits were governed by quantum numbers. In 1938 scientists discovered fission and opened the way to the release of nuclear energy. Bohr then proposed a theory to explain this process.

The quantum theory was new when Bohr began his work. It is now an important part of physics. Bohr showed that the quantum theory did not conflict with older theories as much as many scientists first believed.

Bohr was forced to leave Denmark during World War II. After spending some time in Sweden and England, he was made an adviser at the atomic laboratory at Los Alamos, New Mexico. In 1945, after the first atomic bomb had been dropped, he argued in Washington, DC, for international control of atomic weapons. He returned to Denmark the same year and became chairman of the Danish atomic energy commission. Later, he again became director of the Institute for Theoretical Physics.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being an outdoorsman (or woman) is the variety of experiences. Life is never static. The bad weather in fall and winter finds us out in the field hunting our favorite wild game. Spring and summer bring good weather and a variety of outdoor opportunities for everyone.

Usually our outdoor hunting experiences reward us for our efforts. Sometimes the reward is just being in the outdoors – enjoying the sunrise, watching the marsh come to life, and bonding with those with us (whether a hunting buddy or a favorite retriever). Sometimes the reward is the physical activity. More often than not we receive another reward: we might actually bag a few of the game species we are hunting. Then, a whole new experience will unfold: cooking and eating our game together with hunting buddies, friends, and family.

Wild game can be prepared and enjoyed any time. In the year following the hunting season, many families enjoy the rewards of the fall as part of the weekly dinner menu. Wild game feeds are common–hunters get together, enjoy the feast, and brag about the great experience they had in the field.

I hunt and fish all year. In the fall and winter, my passion is waterfowl hunting, though I also like to hunt doves and pheasants. In the spring and summer, my favorite activity is black bass fishing. Having a second home at Clear Lake affords me the opportunity to fish at one of the best bass fishing lakes in the nation. I also go after striped bass, trout, salmon, steelhead, shad, crappie and bluegill.

The end result of my outdoor endeavors is a full freezer and a lot of memories. I share my wild game, mainly ducks, with friends that love eating it but do not have the opportunity to hunt.

We are very fortunate to live in a state where outdoor opportunities are plentiful. The outdoors allows us to engage in a healthier life–exercise and a bounty of nutritious food. Most fish and game is very lean, not much fat and lots of protein… certainly healthier than a McDonald’s burger and fries.

We are also fortunate to have California Waterfowl Association (CWA) representing outdoors men and women in its quest to preserve, protect, and enhance our waterfowl resources, wetlands, and associated outdoor heritage.

oddworld new n tasty screenshot

Oddworld – New and Tasty is a game from Just Add Water Developers that is proving to be a runaway hit on the PlayStation 4. It was just released and combines a brilliant balance of RPG, puzzle and adventure challenges to help keep it interesting. The game is relatively simple in story design – it’s an odd world and you have to try and discover what there is to eat that will keep you going as you solve your challenges, or you just might get eaten yourself. It was designed specifically for the PS4 system so it takes great advantage of the controller design, graphics accelerator options and features great audio. It is proving to be popular with all age groups.

Why Bring it to the PlayStation 4?

The Playstation 4 is amped enough to handle some of the fastest and most complex action, adventure, driving and shooting game – but that is only a part of the gaming world. At its core is the role playing adventure games. Some of them have over the top 3D graphics and strive to convince you that you are in another world; others like Odd World are focused on making sure you can build an image of the world in your mind so you can solve the challenges and adventures you set out on.

What’s it Like?

There isn’t much that hasn’t been seen before with Oddworld – New and Tasty in regards to its graphics and game play. What is new is the intricacy of it’s under game design and the complexity of its challenges. It can be a fun and easy game to play that you can jump in and out of for some fights and odd adventures, or you can set out with a team to try and explore and complete dangerous challenges. That is the best thing about Oddworld – its multi levels of play. This is also what makes it so successful with such a wide age range. It can suit a 12 year old just as well as it can challenge a 34 year old. Neither one of them will get bored quickly.

If you really want to get the most out of PS4 then you need to rethink the styles of games that you play. Everyone has their preferences for the types of games they like to play, but you would be surprised at how your preferences is influenced by the strength of the system you have been playing on.

When you get to PS4, it may be time to revisit game genres that you have decided were “uninteresting.” Chances are what made you dismiss them in the first place was trying to play them on a lower end gaming console. With the power and upgrades available on the Playstation 4, even your most familiar game is going to look and plays like something entirely new. It is worth it to do some trial plays of other games to see how different they can be.

minecraft swamp

In a previous article, we showed you how to play Minecraft online for free on websites like Minecraft For Free X. Now we will discuss what the game is all about. Created by Markus Persson, a famous Swedish programmer, the game Minecraft is a sandbox indie game which later was published and developed by Mojang. The game was publically released in 2009 for PC. Initially it was released as an alpha version and then later with gradual updates was released as full release version in the year 2011. In the same year the game released its android and iOS version. The game became so famous that it was also released in Xbox as well as PlayStation.

The game provides opportunity for players to build and construct by using textured cubes to form a 3D generated world. Other than that one can gather resources, craft, and combat and explore the Minecraft world. The gameplay of this game has four principal modes namely, the Survival mode, in which the player is required to gather resource and manage their hunger and health. Then there is the Creative mode where the player do not have to take care of his/her health and has unlimited resources and experience. The best part of this mode is that players also have the ability to fly. Hard core mode is the survival mode which mostly differs only with regards to difficulty. Upon death the players have to delete their world in this mode. Last mode is the Spectator mode, where the players are allowed to just view the world and not interact with them. This mode is available only in some versions.

For this spectacular game they received five awards in the Game Developers conference in 2011. The game was awarded with the best Downloadable Game award, Best Debut Game Award, Audience Award, Seumas McNally Grand Prize as well as the Innovation Award. A year later the game was awarded with the Golden Joystick Award. As of last month the game is considered to have sold over 12 million copies on Xbox, 14 million copies for windows PC and 55 million copies on all other platforms.

This games success has brought up Markus’s own company; Mojang AB now has two titles in development. Social media site like Facebook and YouTube played an important role in popularizing Minecraft. According to studies more than one third of the players got to learn about the game from internet videos, especially the Let’s Play ones. Other famous games like Runescape and Borderlands 2 referenced the game. A Lego set game based on Minecraft was also released in 2012 named as Lego Minecraft. The developers claim that there is a lot to come!

Today a new Minecraft fan site is allowing visitors to play the game for free from their browser without having to download anything. All that you need to have is a compatible browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

Advantages of Online Play

minecraft servers to play online

Many of these sites have sets of terms and conditions that you need to understand and abide to, but it’s nothing terrifying or legally binding. In fact, there are several advantages of playing online than downloading a version of the game to your personal computer.  For example, when you play online through your browser, it is less likely that the software can act as a spying agent such as trojans or worms. You do not have to waste your precious time downloading and installing the application since the game loads itself onto your browser via Java (not to be mistaken with JavaScript).

On the other hand, if you download an unverified.exe onto your computer, you risk installing rogue software that may steal important information like passwords and personal information. Therefore, the site from which you download the executable is very important as the web is flooded with illegal sites that can spread virus. A game of Minecraft online does not really occupy space in your system since it’s a very lightweight Java application that stores itself in the application data folder. If you are not happy with a game then you do not have to visit the site again. While in case of a downloaded version, the executable occupies a part of your disk space. Also, uninstalling games usually leaves behind several files that tend to remain in your system though the installation is no longer present.

By playing in the website directly, you are playing the actual game, served from Mojang’s cloud servers. It is not necessary to register an account to log into the game. However, you must have Java installed and unblocked on your browser. Most sites state that the game is for educational and demonstrational purposes and do not contain any harmful Trojans, and I believe that. Another thing is that websites like this do not require you to pay any charges for playing and are absolutely free of charge. Advertising revenue is how the site sustains itself, without costing you a dime.

What is Minecraft all About?

minecraft raining at night

People who are addicted to the game have often commented that it is sort of a combination between an adventure and building game. The game requires the players to do a lot of mining to get resources. These resources can be used to craft a variety of items that are required to advance through the game. Minecraft features three different modes, the most popular and interesting ones being Survival and Creative mode. These two modes can be played by single and multi-players. Hardcore mode is the third mode and is pretty much the same as Survival without the respawn upon death.

The first step in playing the game is to create a new world. Next, select the game mode and level of difficulty. This step is usually required only in the survival mode and is not considered in the Creative mode. However, one of the drawbacks in this game is that it does not come with a tutorial or help for the first time players. Though this concern was raised by many players, others felt that the game does not take much time to start off even for the first time players. However, in the Xbox 360 version and other platforms, there is an in-game tutorial that helps guide players. The survival mode is a combination of adventure, exploration and creativity. The basic aim in this mode is to survive for a long period of time against hunger and monsters. The creative mode allows you to create your own world and build anything in it. In this mode, players have the complete freedom to create anything; they can fly around and there are no enemies that can cause harm (except falling through The Void).